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secret codes and battleships
05 July 2009 @ 12:53 am
I felt like I couldn't go by without saying something about the passing of Michael Jackson. This has got to be the biggest musical loss for my generation. And I can only imagine what it felt like when my mother felt the loss of Elvis Presley, though Michael is part of her generation too, as she grew up with his music too. But perhaps not so much in the later years as myself.

My Experience and ChildhoodCollapse )

Michael the Musical ArtistCollapse )

The VideosCollapse )

Michael Jackson vs the MediaCollapse )

Pop Culture todayCollapse )

The legend he gave usCollapse )

He was the one and only Michael Jackson. Rest in Peace, Michael and may your music ring out in Heaven as it does here on Earth as we celebrate what you have left to us. The amazing music you have blessed us with, that we will pass down to generations so they may know what it is to be a true artist, entertainer, to be a true lover of music and what it is to feel the music you connect with. And we will always remind them of your humanity, your large forgiving and giving heart. You will live on with us, always.
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secret codes and battleships
25 April 2009 @ 07:02 pm

Go now, because I imagine by the time the world awakes this will not work anymore!

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secret codes and battleships
11 February 2008 @ 10:34 pm
As soon as I found out there was extra photos I WAS THERE.

I bought the Japan DVD special ltd edition of Unbreakable. I think this is now the 5 copy I have.

Anyway, here for you viewing pleasure, rather large scans from the booklet! Enjoy, share, so forth and so on!

You can find the large versions here.

Check under the cut tag for a sneak peak.Collapse )

Enjoy! The tour count down is on! I AM SO EXCITED!
secret codes and battleships
22 November 2007 @ 06:20 am
They all seemed very whispery during their Barcelona appearance. And I still have no idea what Nick could have done to cut his head open. But maybe they was some rough play going on? boys will be boys.

Brian still cheeky with HowieCollapse )

I love them. This is what I missed!
secret codes and battleships
03 October 2007 @ 06:39 pm
don't watch if you hate spoilers?Collapse )


PS - The new bsb songs kick some ass. Is the album here yet? Thank you. Bye.
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secret codes and battleships
26 September 2007 @ 02:03 pm
It is a slow news day in the world of backstreet? I don't know, but anyway after yesterday I am in a really good mood.

So anyway, BOYS! Must watch, Sony BMG Australia posted two videos from behind the scenes of the video.

Video One

Video Two

Part Three of Sony BMG Australia interview about the feel of the album.

They are a must watch for all the cuteness, including Nick's still ever presents obsession with Brian's nose. And how your heart will melt on you the second you see Baylee hugging AJ. I want to hear an aww all around okay?

If you want to download these in .wmv. Track-Back.com has them and I believe MPG's may be on their way.

I can't wait until there is more fic about the boys.
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secret codes and battleships
14 September 2007 @ 06:23 am
So this totally makes my friday as well as the video coming out tomorrow!

New promo shots of the boys. HQ! Thanks to bsbsquad.com. BUT OMG. Second photo I want to lick them all I don't care.

Click and start the droolingCollapse )

And new photo's by photographer Jeremy Cowart how I love them in the studio and Brian's smile, le sigh.
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secret codes and battleships
12 August 2007 @ 05:33 pm
Boys back in town
Article from: The Sunday Telegraph
By Jonathon Moran

August 12, 2007 12:00am

The Backstreet Boys are back ... again, minus one of their members. The US boy band are now a four-piece - AJ, Nick, Howie and Brian - with Kevin leaving the group.

Their new album is due out in October and the first single, Inconsolable, is about to hit radio. The band last toured Australia in January, 2006.

"It's kind of a mesh of what this whole record has become," says the band's AJ McLean of Inconsolable.

"It's a great, timeless pop record. It's actually the very last song we cut for this record and it turned out to be the first single."

It's early days but insiders suggest the band may be heading our way soon.


That last part has me a little excited!
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secret codes and battleships
09 July 2007 @ 09:05 pm
Sometimes you just need a good laugh. I think I could sit here and update about something serious about all the stress that surrounds my life lately. But I don't want to.

Instead I have found an amazing love for Doctor Who and David Tennant.

If you don't cry from laughing so hard I don't know what would make you in life.

Graham Norton and David Tennent, Part two, Part three and Part four.

And David Tennant and the hilarious Catherine Tate.

He is so cute and funny and I am still waiting for him and John to make out, for the love of god give me that please!

On Friday I went out and watched the new Transformers movie. I am telling you now if you haven't seen it yet GO DO THAT NOW! oh my god I love that movie like you have no idea. And sob I miss my childhood, I was such a geek through that whole thing. :-[
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secret codes and battleships
07 July 2007 @ 03:32 pm
You know you want to be a part of this and watch it!

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